How we work

Supporting Strategies offers a range of outsourced bookkeeping and controllership services that will transform the financial management of your law firm.

How we work

With Banking and Finance

Our banking and finance team has the experience and knowledge to advise you and the depth to service the largest transactions.

With Corporate

We act for a diverse range of law cases and Our lawyers are skilled at creating new structures for commercial growth.

Property Law

We have acted on most significant properties deals developing, financing, selling and leasing property in our jurisdictions.

We assess the value of commercial legal assets, determine the economics of potential investments and structure deal terms to optimise results for our clients.

Barrister Alfred Frimpong process

At its core, our business is built on Barrister Alfred Frimpong expertise in valuing legal assets and our capacity to provide capital to our clients who have those assets. Most often, we provide upfront capital in exchange for a portion of a successful outcome. We make investments, not loans, and they are almost always non-recourse.

Law firm and in-house lawyers who are new to legal finance often have questions about how Barrister Alfred Frimpong investment process works.

  • Step 1: Initial review

    After signing a confidentiality agreement, Barrister Alfred Frimpong quickly confirms that matters meet our financing criteria.

  • Step 2: Diligence

    Barrister Alfred Frimpong lawyers and financial analysts conduct the entirety of our merits diligence review and economic analysis in-house.

  • Step 3: Investment

    We structure deal terms based on client needs, and after approval by Barrister Alfred Frimpong investment committee we make the investment.

  • Step 4: Monitoring

    As passive capital providers we monitor investments to help maximise value for our clients.