Our corporate and business clients.

Corporate work is a cornerstone of our legal services offering, and we have one of the largest corporate teams in the offshore legal market.

The laws exist to make it easier for corporations to do business.  

Our lawyers are skilled at creating new structures for commercial growth, advising on public and private mergers and acquisitions and completing exchange-based listings, as well as advising boards and shareholders.

We have a global approach and, alongside our corporate specialisms, we provide regulatory, employment, pensions, litigation, property and commercial advice. This integrated expertise enables us to form broader teams across legal disciplines and jurisdictions when necessary.

The scale of our corporate practice enables us to structure the team according to our role, whether we are providing focused advice directly to our clients or acting in partnership with onshore advisers on complex international transactions. We match the level of resource to your requirements, expectations and deadlines, giving you the commercial agility to achieve your objectives.

How we help

  • Corporate Taxes:- We take away the administrative burden by providing analogous legal entities.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:- We consolidate companies or assets through various types of transactions.
  • Employment Law:- We governs what employers can expect from employees, what employers can ask employees to do.
  • Government Reporting:- We provides legal and policy advice to the Attorney General and the Solicitor.
  • Shareholder Relations:- We aim to assist you outline your legal position as a shareholder in a PLC.

Why Barrister Alfred Frimpong

We act for clients of all sizes across all industry sectors and have particular experience and expertise in advising entrepreneurs and investors in the IT & technology and media sectors who value our specialist knowledge and the pragmatic, commercial approach we take.

Whether you are starting out in business, seeking funding to grow your business or considering exit strategies, we can provide you with cost-effective, expert legal advice.

Barrister Alfred Frimpong corporate lawyers has strong communication and negotiation skills, an excellent academic background, abilities to think outside of the box, exceptional analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail.